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Trent & Rachel | An Elegant Winter Wedding

The dance started with all married couples. As the DJ announced “one year, five years, ten years, twenty years,” the couples on the dance floor slowly disappeared until there was only one couple left. Fifty-six years of marriage. Trent’s grandparents smiled timidly as they made their way over to the DJ’s booth. When asked “how do you make marriage work for fifty-six years,” she paused for a second, then gave a simple, but powerful answer. “It takes patience and learning to think like they do.” Trent and Rachel have been blessed with an incredible legacy of marriages who understand patience, and knowing your spouse inside and out. They understand that in order to have a thriving marriage, they need to think like each other. What makes Rachel feel the most loved? How does Trent feel respected? With the foundation they have already built, their marriage is destined for greatness.

Trent and Rachel are high school sweethearts, but their story actually starts all the way back in elementary school! They grew up in the same schools, then shared mutual friends in high school. During senior year, Rachel’s friend clued her in on the fact that Trent had a crush on her, so when he asked Rachel to prom, she said yes 🙂 Going in to prom night, Rachel was still a little unsure about her feelings for Trent. Did she care for him more than a friend? By the end of the night, she was sold. This guy was the real deal.

Trent and Rachel both chose Arkansas State University after high school, and that’s when the tables began to turn. Going in to college, they never imagined the changes that they would face. Once settled in to college life, they joined a campus ministry called Campus Outreach. God used new friends to completely captivate Trent’s heart. As Trent grew to love God and ministry more, Rachel’s love for Trent grew. They bonded in a way they had never experienced, and the future began to turn into a beautiful masterpiece. Senior year of college, Trent took Rachel to their favorite fishing pond where a picnic blanket, a basket of roses, and a scrapbook were waiting for them. His hands shook as he asked the love of his life to be his wife 🙂

Now here we are, celebrating the marriage of not just two incredible people, but two families who value the sanctity of marriage and are in love with our Lord. Trent and Rachel’s wedding day was everything that anyone could hope for. It was full of immense joy, grateful tears, supportive family and friends, and precious family heirlooms. Rachel wore her Nana’s diamond earrings, and a handmade garter with an incredible history. Her mom made the garter using Rachel’s grandmother’s handkerchief and lace from her great-grandmother’s sewing kit. Trent carried a pocket watch which belongs to his dad. During the reception, Trent and Rachel cut their wedding cake with a cake knife passed down from her great-great-aunt! All of Rachel’s cousins will use the same knife, and have their initials engraved. The guests enjoyed grandpa’s fudge recipe as they left the reception.

Oh, the details. Rachel put tremendous thought and TLC into choosing the details to include in her wedding day, with the help of her mom and sisters. We were in wedding photographer heaven!! As beautiful as everything was, the highlight of the day for us was the honor of witnessing one of the sweetest, most joyful and emotional First Looks we’ve ever photographed. Trent was completely blown away by his gorgeous bride, and held on tightly to her. In that moment we knew that this man is going to cherish and protect his wife with every ounce of his being, for the rest of his life. Rachel was loved, protected, and honored. This. This is a beautiful marriage.

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Rivers!


Ceremony Venue | Geyer Springs First Baptist Church

Bride’s Dress | Stephen Yearick

Wedding Dress Shop | Low’s Bridal

Bridesmaids’ Dresses | Tulle and Chantilly

Tuxedos | Men’s Wearhouse

Perfume | Coach

Florals | Events Rental and Floral

Reception Venue | Junior League of Little Rock

Cakes | Harps Bakery

Catering | Dinner’s Ready

DJ | DJ Jellybean of Central Arkansas Entertainment


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