·We were home schooled in high school and attended many of the same events, but never actually met.

·After graduation, Reid saw Brittany's name in his "suggested friends" on Facebook, and sent her a friend request.

·Reid struck up a conversation, and a week later after hours of conversations, Brittany decided he was her soul mate! Reid wasn't looking for a relationship since he was about to leave for college, but Brittany wouldn't let it go.

·Several months later, Reid finally asked Brittany to be his girlfriend, and she wholeheartedly agreed!

·It was clear that we were perfect for each other, and 3 short months after we began dating, Reid proposed.

·We were engaged for 13 months and were married on March 13th, 2010.

·Although we had excellent role models in our parents' marriages and participated in pre-marital counseling, we did not fully understand the crucial aspects of building a solid foundation for our marriage. We went into the marriage with (completely opposite) expectations of how life would be. When our expectations weren't met, resentment grew.

·After years of mistakes, growing resentment, and ineffective counseling (which was our own fault), we separated.

·Our pastor guided us through the separation, counseling us one on one. We had no communication with each other for over a month.

·By the grace and mercy of our Lord, our hearts began to heal over time and we were open to love again.

·2 months after separating, we renewed our marriage vows in the company of our family and dear friends. We made vows to each other, but most importantly, this time we also made vows to God. Our marriage nearly failed without Him in the center, and we give Him all of the glory for renewing it.

·Our experience gave us a passion for marriage and now our hearts' desire is to show other couples what a beautiful thing it can be!

·We were already wedding photographers before the separation, but now the perspective, joy, and heart behind our business has become completely radicalized!